Top 4 Advantages of Buying Flowers Online

We all love flowers. They look so fresh and beautiful and enhances the mood of anyone who is receiving and also presenting it. Flowers are among the most beautiful and popular means of gifts. We use flowers for several occasions to express our emotions, love, affection, and wishes. Certainly, a bouquet of flowers is the best means of expressing the bonds of friendship & love. 

However, in today’s busy work schedule, we barely find time to visit a florist and select the fresh flowers, or bouquet. Therefore, here comes the online flowers sellers to your rescue. Now, flowers can be ordered and bought online anytime. All you need to do is visit the florist website and choose the flowers or bouquet of different colours or size or type of flower you like. You just need to place your order. 

Here are four best takes on advantages of buying flowers online: 

#1 Requesting in Advance 

Online shopping is the best available alternative of placing flower orders right in advance, planning it ahead for conveyance to a future date. This spares you from including an additional activity on top of your busy schedule! 

#2 The Store Is Never Closed 

Unlike a physical florist shops, there are no time constraints for online shoppers. It’s never too early or late too order flowers online. With just the click of a button you can send the freshest flowers to anyone’s doorstep. The Flower Look offers same day delivery when you order as late as 10 a.m.! Convenient, isn’t it? 

#3 Hassle and Line-Up Free 

Getting the perfect flower arrangement can get overwhelming sometimes. Choosing the best flower combinations while considering which flowers work well for the occasion can be a nuisance. Selecting arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion while you stay nice and snug at your home with your feet up and a hot drink (a cold drink if you are in WA!!) in your hand makes it leisurely. 

#4 Comparisons 

When you will compare the prices, quality and offers of online flower shops with physical flower store, you will feel difference yourself. For this reason, it is advisable to choose purchasing flowers online at The Flower Look. You will never regret your choice. 

What a Florist does on regular basis?

Day starts from the time when we go to the wholesaler to pick fresh flowers. We would normally drive to the wholesaler’s flower market at 5am and would spend a while picking the best blooms.

We would then drive back to our shop around 8AM, unload the freshly bought flowers and place them in cold water.

Next step is our favourite, we get ready on our pre-orders for the day and start printing card messages. Each order is individually paid attention to and we spend almost an hour depending on the orders to be processed for that particular day. 

After all orders are ready to go, we take pictures of flower arrangements and load them up carefully into our courier van. 

Once we ship all the orders, we get back to clean our workshop and wash all the buckets getting ready for next working day. 

Apart from processing and preparing for flower orders, we are also shopping for wine, chocolates and materials such as vases, teddies and other miscellaneous goodies, so that our customers can give an extra treat for their loved ones along with fresh flowers. 

Lots of shopping means also loads of cardboard! Our suppliers ship us all the items in boxes, as a result of which we are cutting down and recycling all our cardboard materials. Also we are going green and recycling all our green waste in to compost, which is luxurious treat for a garden.