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How do I order flowers? “You need to pick flower arrangement from our online store and pay for it at the check out” 

Can I place order over the phone? ” We don’t take orders over the phone, our website is being designed to do it for us while our florist preparing your flower arrangements”

Can I pick up my flower order from your studio? “Unfortunately due to council restrictions we are unavailable to offer pick up service from our home based studio”

What is cut off time for the same day delivery? “You need to order your flowers by 10.00am Monday – Friday  and by 9.00am on Saturday.

What time my order will be delivered? ” orders will be picked up and delivered by a courier in afternoon. All orders will be delivered by 5pm. On times when we are very busy we will have additional morning run of deliveries but we can’t guarantee that your delivery will be done in the morning.

Will my flowers look exactly the same as on a photo? “No, photo is only general guide of style and design, all flowers are unique and come in different shapes and sizes. We will use flowers that will be available on a day”

How many days flowers will last? Most of flower arrangements will last 5 to 7 days but you need to change water daily and trim ends every 2 days! Flower life also depends on how long ago its that they are been cut off the bush by farmers and also either or not they are imported to Australia from other countries. Majority of flowers that is available at the markets are coming from other countries and Eastern states of Australia. When we are at the flower markets picking the flowers for our flower studio we are trying our best to visually identify if flowers are fresh, however none of the flowers have actually got any dates on them and all flowers are stored in cool rooms!! So there is no way to know how long ago they have been picked from the bush or what is the due date.

Flowers will last around 2-3 days if you don’t change water and don’t trim ends. The factors such as heat, lack of water in a container or dirty water will cut flower life in half! Flowers hate dirty water and heat! If flowers have been left in a hot room they most likely will die within hours. We do not carry any responsibility if your flowers die from being  left in the heat, run out of the water in the container or if you forgotten to change water.

How much is delivery? “Delivery fee is – $12.95

Where do you deliver? “We deliver to suburbs between Two Rocks- Wanneroo- Greenwood “